The weather sure is beautiful today.
Let’s open a window. Let the air in.
Shame it’s unseasonal. Shame it’s global warming.
Nice temperature though for our global mourning.

Somewhere a tire is burning and a dolphin chocking.
The almonds will be pricey this year.
The school children are rioting.
Because, the adults are numb to fear.

Who can picture losing species as you pack a plastic grocery bag?
A glacier crumbling when you crank the AC.
We just have to live our lives
Knowing our cars and beef emit terrible gases we can smell but can’t see.

I would never dump my garbage right into the ocean.
But I can’t tell you where the dump truck ends its motion.
Poking Caesar with a needle doesn’t feel like a crime
But after 7.7 billion pin pricks anyone would cry.

We recycle and reduce and vote and we hope.
Hope for the climatic save from those who steer the boat.
Averting collective destruction requires collective action.
But my breaking down cardboard boxes doesn’t stop Exxon from fracking.

Sunlight filters through the curtains
And my little dog sits on my lap.
The weather sure is beautiful today.
Let’s make it stay that way.