The United States of America officially exports more hate than it imports according to the second official Hate Trade Recommendations report by the Better Business Bureau.

“I’m excited to see US be number one!” Tom Biddleson, fraternal brother at Yale, said. “Trump promised we’d win the trade war and here we are!”

He’s not the only one celebrating. Thousands across Twitter threads, YouTube comments and Reddit have applauded the US taking the top spot.

American hate is reported to have spread to the vast majority of countries in the world with white people in them. Thanks to advances in technology and freedom speech, white terrorists are finding inspiration from Sweden to New Zealand in American grown ideology.

Critics of the report argue that we should consider the only other Hate Trade Recommendation report happened in 1940 and labeled Nazi Germany as the lead exporter. America may have taken over the hate export trade for previous decades.

“No one actually knows how long we’ve been the top exporter of hate,” Roger Stanley, academic, said. “Trump has definitely increased our hate trade levels with his policies, but it’s quite possible we’ve been the world leader ever since Reagan. Obama may have overseen record highs himself. It’s impossible to say. We simply haven’t bothered to study it.”

The Bureau recommends continuing to outpour hate if the US wants to keep its top spot.

“Right now the hate is coming primarily from white men,” Angelica Rangers, top researcher at the Bureau said. “Now, they’re a highly potent research of hate who have yet to reach their full output, but imagine if white women and college educated Americans stepped up their game.

“Instead of the hate we continue to circulate internally, we could have the greatest outpouring of hatred imaginable. It boggles the imagination.”

Analysts predict that American hate exports will continue to grow under Trump’s second term.

“You ever seen a YouTube video from China about hating people?” Biddleson said. “Sure haven’t! They’re not even competing! America First Forever, BABY!”