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Would You Rather Jump or Be Pushed?

“Don’t cry, Charlene. I’m going to be okay. I’m going to where Mom and Dad are.”

Charlene did not stop the tears flowing down her cheeks. “You’re going to be dead. Don’t treat me like a child. Why does it have to you?”

“Because our family is blessed. You know this. After our parents went into the hole no one else died from the plague that year and we saw animals return that hadn’t been seen for over a decade.”

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Subject Line: Doors

Subject Line: Doors

Time: 9:36 AM

From: Sean Blimmers

To: All Staff

We’re experiencing some issues with the doors right now. We’re looking into it and hope to have it resolved shortly.

SEAN BLIMMERS // Director, Human Resources 

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Welcome to Haven

The bright light started to fade and Mike blinked his eyes for the first time. A middle-aged man dressed in business casual sat across the desk from him. The rest of the room was empty except for a plastic plant in the corner.

“Welcome to Haven! Happy birthday, nice to meet you, happy first day on the job, etc,” the man said. “I’m Ralph. I’ll be your supervisor.”

Ralph stretched out his hand and smiled. Mike blinked again and then remembered he should probably shake his new boss’s hand.

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The Death and Resurrection of Chunky Beef

Chunky Beef had not intended to die. He had leaned out the school’s 4th floor window to see if the neon nerf ball was still lodged in the small tree below. Jeremy had accidentally thrown the ball out the window a week ago and perfectly lodged it in the top branches.

As he lost his balance and tumbled out the window, Chunky Beef briefly thought, “Shit. What an awful way to go.”

And then he went splat.

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Purple Eyes in Paradise

“Don’t come in any closer,” he whispered.
“Bardino! We have to see the truth!”

Bardino cowered in the corner. His suit was ripped, and he held the shreds of his jacket over his face. Broken furniture was scattered across from the room from where Josef and the other men had forced the barricaded door open. Papers were scattered across the desk.

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