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Chirping from the Attic

Content Warning: Domestic Violence. Horror.

Maddie flowed down the hallway towards the bedroom. She had been up for hours enjoying the quiet of her Saturday and the comfort of her baggy pajamas. A room temperature, half-drank mug of coffee journeyed with her. She stopped and leaned on the bedroom door frame.

“Nick? Sweetie? It’s almost eleven. How are you?” She looked up from her coffee. He was lying in the bed, his head propped up on the pillows, no covers, no sheets. His eyes were open staring at her. And his legs, his legs were bent the wrong way with the knees inverted.

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Address to My Potential Future Employers

Congratulations on finding me here! I had hoped the decorative moss, webs, and the whole hidden cave would throw you off the trail. But here you are! How tenacious of you. Applause! Applause!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Longsworm Tad in the squishy bits. And it’s all a little squishy these days.

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First Therapy Session Since I Blew Up Iowa in Middle School: A Monologue

Katelyn, it’s a soda. It’s fine. Yes, I know it’s unhealthy, but I used to chug Taaka. Have you ever had Taaka? It’s vodka. Straight from the Russian homeland of Kentucky. It’s mostly used for cleaning hibachi grills.

So, the soda’s fine. It’s peach. It’s delicious. No alcohol content at all. I didn’t even put tequila in it this time, because I know I’ll have to drive myself home, and if I’m being honest it didn’t taste very good.

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My Preferred Alternatives to the Electoral College

The Electoral College is dumb. When we hold any other election we don’t weigh the votes in any way. Governor election? A vote in Nashville has the same impact as a vote in Bumpuck.

The old system is based on Southern slave states not wanting to constantly lose to more populous Northern states. The Electoral College comes from the same people who decided that slaves counted as 3/5ths of a person for the House of Representatives.

I know the Founding Fathers pooped angels, but even they couldn’t perfectly plan for the future.

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Pursuing My Dreams and Dealing with My Frailty

I hate being sick, but I find myself being sick constantly. Okay, not constantly, but whole months of my year might disappear going from a cold to a sinus infection to the flu.

Not to mention the rare days when my intestines decide they need to be forcibly kickstarted or else I’ll face constant abdomen pain.

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Who Should Own Stories?

If I tell you a story, can you retell it to someone else? What if you act like it’s yours and add your own embellishments? What if I had charged you $5 for my story and now you’re charging $10? How about if I told it to you 15 years ago? Do all the answers change if the story involves Superman?

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