Today, the first trailer for Frozen 2 has been released. In it, you can see a mountain of ice and snow grow taller and taller while the sung phrase “Let it go” is repeated over and over again in a crescendo until it’s practically being screamed.

As the camera climbs to the top of the mountain, the music stops and the screen goes black. Elsa then lights herself up with ice magic at the summit and whispers, “Where is your God now?” before Fall Release flashes across the screen.

The response of parents has been screams of distress and an internal welling of dread.

“I thought my daughter was done with that song!” said Peter Dibbage on Facebook. “She’s already started singing it again after watching the trailer. The worst part is when she’ll sneak up behind me and just scream it. Why Disney? Why?”

“My children are already asking why we can’t watch it right now,” commented Becca Strums. “I’m going to have to explain the concept of time and release dates to them over and over again. My only defense is to put the original back on again, but what kind of life is that? Haven’t I already suffered enough the first 300 times we’ve watched it?”

Some religious groups have taken umbrage with Elsa’s callout of divine weakness, but admit that the film’s existence proves a testing of our wills and patience.

“All we can do now is wait and pray,” said Pastor Ellis in an email to his congregation today. “This too shall pass. In the meantime, we will be showing the original film at the church, so that you can drop your kids off and enjoy a brief respite before continuing the spiritual and mental battle that consumes our waking moments once more.”

Editor’s note: As a serious publication, we will not link to the trailer. You have Google. Find it yourself.