Today, Dan Carls, a 34 old man from Nebraska has sworn after coming into the office late this morning that next year’s Super Bowl will not be as disappointing as this year’s.

Without being able to control the teams there, the scores, or even the commercials, Carls has decided that he will at least eat double the amount of chicken wings next year.

“The game was awful this year. Just awful. I swear it was the same last year. The commercials weren’t even that funny!” Carls said. “Next year, I’m going to make sure it’s a night to remember as eat at least twice as many chicken wings as I did this year.”

Tracy Letts, the host of the Super Bowl party Carls attended, commented that Carls ate 16 wings at the party and drank six beers.

“There are 12 people at the party and we only have one platter of wings ‘cause we have plenty of other food. I made hamburgers,” Letts said. “And this guy, he grabs 16 of the wings! I had to count. Who does that? That was half the wings for the party.”

Other party guests were unavailable for comment as they were all taking sick days immediately after the Super Bowl.

Carls’ coworker Dana Spacey shared on the record that she “could definitely see Dan eating 32 wings.”

Carls is hoping to find a chicken company, or a friendly host, to sponsor his challenge for next year. So far his Facebook post with his ambitions has receive two likes from high school buddies, but no comments.

“The Super Bowl is supposed to be a big deal. It’s SUPER. If these players, coaches and marketing teams can’t deliver on making the event truly enjoy then my only choice is to eat as many tiny pieces of sauce-drenched, fried chicken bits as possible until I have a good time,” Carls said. “I’m owed that much by someone.”

Carls does not follow the NFL during the season and prefers watching basketball. He uses ranch dip with his wings because he thinks blue cheese smells weird and is for snobs.