On Tuesday, Maddie Kaplan, a 24 years old customer service rep, committed suicide while at her job.

She was on the call with a customer, John Karston, who was 15 minutes into accusing Kaplan of poisoning his dog when she asked him to wait just a second.

She wrote down “I hope hell isn’t other people” on a sticky note before pulling out a Smith & Wesson Model 29 handgun and ending her own life. She had spent the last seven hours before her passing assisting customers with troubleshooting their TV remotes.

“I don’t see how this was supposed to solve anything,” Karston said. “My dog has been sick for the past two days and their company has been entirely unhelpful. Also, the bang also blew out my eardrum. I don’t see why she couldn’t have at least transferred me first. Finally get some help.”

When asked if there had been warning signs, co-worker Alicia Fike, shared that Kaplan had been upset during their 15 minute lunch period.

“She complained that none of her callers were willing to tell her what TVs they had and that she was tired of being accused of ruining people’s lives,” Fike said. “She joked that at least there wouldn’t be any phones in the afterlife. But, I guess she was crying.

“Last week a woman kept her on the phone for 45 minutes yelling about cheese being too expensive. I just get high and follow the script, but Maddie kept trying to help people.”

Her manager was unavailable for comment. An official statement released by the company said: “their hearts and prayers are with the Kaplin [sic] family.”

The gun Maddie used was bought legally and she was allowed to have it in the office because she had a conceal and carry license.