“They’re all f****** phonies!” Holden screamed at the recommended YouTube channels.

Breathe, eat, watch the NFL draft.
Game of Thrones isn’t on tonight
and the fridge is out of beer.
Amazon paid -1% on taxes this year.

I can spot 8 video game controllers from where I’m sitting.
Not counting the keyboard and mouse.
This weekend I have plans to watch action figures crash together
on a screen bigger than my living room.
My governor wants to finish the ruin of public schools and limit education to the wealthy.

I leg press the democratic primary for 3 sets.
Choke down bitter arugula and write emails
promising the Panopticon to CEOs for a 10% discount.
And I lose the plot.

I dreamed I was sleeping trying to wake up,
struggling to lift my arms against malaise,
waking to the wrong bed and another layer of dreams.
I was relieved to realize I was finally in a messy room.

Grey goo, putty massaged into simple shapes
when I want to be a tetrahedron.
Every week thousands pray with $60 for reality to be a game they can win.
Heaven is a zombie apocalypse.
And, you only feel the tip of the needle when it enters your skin.

Every cord becomes immediately tangled.
It’s impossible for a charged battery to actually be 100%,
but we need the software to promise it is.
There was mess on the gym parking lot today.
I don’t know if it was vomit or a crushed ice cream novelty.

I sit and see a tiny coat hanging on cheap, bent metal
I bought to hold my shorts that weren’t too soiled.
The Rosetta Stone was created by humans.
But, I think I’m having fun?